When it arrives in the mail, you will ask yourself is this a bralette? I thought it was. a bra? It is both. Comfortable like a bralette but supportive like a bra. All powered by our zoned wire-free invention MINDDTech.  

 Our Proprietary & Patent Pending Fit Flexible Technology

7 Zones of Comfort, Beauty and Support 


Integrated Design 

A MINDD bra is a single piece that moves with your natural form—as if it’s a part of you. We’ve eliminated the irritations (hello, itchiness, digging, and other #brablems) by reducing number of components in our bras from the standard 44 - 52 components in a conventional bra down to 4. Constructed/designed specifically for women size D+, MINDD bra will be the most comfortable bra you have ever worn.

Fit Flexibility

A MINDD bra expands and contracts with your body while conforming to your true shape. No cutting. No spillage. No gaps. No creep. 

Functional Lace 

Our proprietary performance lace is made of super soft Italian yarns that expand and contract with your body, while providing a new sensation of support. Unlike traditional laces that are rigid and itchy, MINDD performance lace has incredible flexibility and lays flat on the body and under a t-shirt. It also looks amazing on. Here is a lace bra with form and function.

Seamless Construction

We’ve annihilated the itch factor by removing seams. We’ve also cut out the cut factor by removing all wires. Yes, our support system is so good that we’ve eliminated the need for the uncomfortable seams and wires you’ve tolerated for so long.

Super Natural Support 

Your breasts, but better! Rather than leaving you locked and loaded, MINDD holds and enhances your natural shape. We’ve engineered a groundbreaking structure with seven zones of engineered comfort & support that offer a light support level.  Huge bonus: the seven zones are soft and breathable. So say goodbye to boob sweat!