What size ranges do you carry? 

Our bras fit women who range in size from 28D-42F. We are currently working on expanding into new sizes, including smaller band sizes with larger cup options.

Do your bras have wires?

Nope! All of our bras are wirefree! 

How do you test your Bras?

All of our Bras are tested by a variety of women from C cups to F Cups. Here at MINDD we use multiple fit models during the fit process to make sure the bras fit on multiple sizes and shapes. 

Can I workout in your bras? 

All of our bras have been tested by women who do Yoga, Spin, Weight Training and Pilates. Women who don't mind showing off a bit more cleavage rave about the Deep V.  The majority of women love the Mid V lined bra for active pursuits. We do not currently make a High Impact bra exclusively for running or HIIT workouts. 

Are your bras safe for women who have had reconstructive surgery? 

MINDD bras have been worn by women who have had reconstruction surgery, heart surgery and who have scarring from a biopsy. In all cases we have received incredible reviews.

Women who have had breast augmentation also love our bras because of the wirefree design. 

We have received feedback about the benefits of a wirefree solution for anyone who has had any type of breast procedure. At MINDD we are not Medical Doctors so we always recommend to follow your doctor's orders after any procedure. 

What are your recommended care instructions for my MINDD Bra?  

We recommend that you always be MINDDFUL of how you care for your bra. (See what we did there?) We suggest washing on cold and never using bleach. A gentle cycle is best! Lay the bra flat or hang to dry. Please don’t put your bra in the dryer as this affects long-term performance of the materials.

How often should I wash my MINDD bra? 

Remember, your bra is the closest thing to your skin so we recommend washing it at least after every 2 wears. It will always fit and feel better after it’s washed! 


Do you ship internationally? 

We are currently only able to ship to CANADA due to COVID-19 related delays. We will update our FAQ page when we are able to ship to other international destinations.

Which carrier do you use to ship within the US? 

We are currently utilizing USPS (the Postal Service), DHL Express, and UPS for all domestic deliveries. It is up to the discretion of MINDD Bra Company to determine which carrier is best suited for your delivery destination. If you have issues receiving packages from a specific carrier, please email us at hello@minddbra.com so we can help! 

Need more answers or just want to say hi? Email us at hello@minddbra.com