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Helena's bottom band measurement is 35 inches.

Across the cups is 41 inches. 

Time to do some math! 41 - 35 = 6

So she has 6 inches between her bottom band and the highest point across her breasts.

Each inch difference is a cup size. Count it out! 1 inch = A cup, 2 inches = B cup , 3 inches = C cup, 4 inches = D cup etc... so our founder Helena is a 36DDD cup

A 36DDD is a size 2 in the MINDD Mid V & Deep V. For the Cross Front Bra she would be a size 3.

In this video she is wearing the Mid V in size 2.


Our past history can influence how we prefer to feel in our bra. 

We want you to feel your best and we want you to feel amazing and comfortable in your bra. 
To find out your MINDD size we use the Traditional Band and Cup sizing system.
You know, the 34B, 36DDD etc...
Once you know that number it will be easy to find your MINDD Size. We only have 5 sizes, so it is super easy! If you need help email us at or chat with us.
Use the chart below to find your MINDD size.
Now if you are not sure what your size is, follow the instructions below. 




Our undies and bodysuits are sized XSS - 2X