Lined vs. Unlined - What's the difference?

The MINDD lined bra contains an extra layer of fabric in the cups.

Our lined bras have an inner layer of fabric, that is the same material as the bra and knit into a mesh design.
This inner layer of mesh is breathable and also fit flexible. It provides an extra bit of nipple concealment, if that is what you are looking for.
It does not form your breasts into a pre-determined round shape like padded bras do. Please note our bras do not have a foam / padded liner. 
Our customers have shared that they feel the lined version gives them an extra bit of support as well.  
Our lined bras are designed to keep the center of the bra be the most breathable and for you to be able to add a cup liner ( from a sportbra or swim top ) if you want a more rounded shape. We do not sell the cups. If you would be interested in that please email at


Our MINDD unlined bras does not contain any lining or padding in the cups whatsoever.

Our unlined bras are incredibly comfortable and sexy due to the semi sheer nature of stretch performance lace cups. 

Currently the Unlined Deep V is our number 1 style.

Will you see your nipple? Not really. The photos of our models show exactly how the bras will look on. Will it conceal your nipple the way a padded bra does? i.e turn off the headlights? No true unlined bra will make that claim.

Will it support you? Yes! Our bras are a light to mid support.

This bra will feel different than anything else you have tried. It is insanely comfortable and beautiful.