Let's get you in your most comfortable bra.

We want you to feel your best and we want you to feel amazing and comfortable in your bra.
To find out your MINDD size we use the Traditional Band and Cup sizing system.
You know, the 34B, 36DDD etc...
Once you know that number it will be easy to find your MINDD Size. We only have 5 sizes, so it is super easy! If you need help email us at or chat with us.




Our undies and bodysuits are sized XSS - 2X



The high performing fabric provides an amazing stretch and recovery.  

If you have any questions about what size you are email us at



Not sure what your size is? No problem! Follow the instructions below or email us at 

If you are not sure, grab a measuring tape and follow the 3 steps below.

If you don't have a measuring tape find a piece of string or a piece of yarn and use a good old fashioned ruler to record the measurement.

First, let's find your right band size

Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your ribcage, under your bust, breathe in and out. Take note of that number. This will be measurement 1.

Next, let's find your cup size

Wrap the measuring tape the fullest part of your boobs. Remember, it might not be at the center point of your boobs, it will be the fullest measurement. Take note of that number. This will be measurement 2.

Now, let's do some math

Take measurement #2 and subtract it from measurement #1 That number is your cup size. 

If there is a one inch difference between your band size and cup size then, you are an A cup.

A two inch difference you are a B cup. Three inches you are a C cup. Four inches you are a D cup. Five inches you are a DD cup. 

For example your ribcage / under band measurement is 36 inches. Your fullest bust measurement is 41 inches.

The result is a 36DD or MINDD Size 2.