The Best Bra for D+ Women is Wire-Free, Sustainable, & Woman-Made

I’ll confess: ever since my boobs came in, I’ve spent a few (thousand) dollars in search of the best bra—only to discover that 99% of them were full-on awful. And because I’m bad at getting rid of stuff, all those *blah* bras cluttered my dresser drawers like so many takeout condiments stuffed behind the silverware.

Then it happened.

I ordered my first MINDD bra.

And all the overpriced, ill-fitting, stiff-and-stabby bras I’d hoarded? I finally set them free. If those no-good bras were high school boyfriends, then MINDD’s bra is the true love of my life.

Next followed MINDD panties and even a MINDD bodysuit, all of which molded to my curvy 5’11 frame like a Victorian lady’s glove.

But is the MINDD bra right for you?

Fast-forward a few months.

Because I’m both insatiably curious and awkwardly uninhibited, I reach out to the founding femme herself: MINDD’s CEO Helena Kaylin. I want to know: what makes MINDD’s unmentionables feel so… magical? 

Helena (who, side note, looks like a Scandinavian queen) agrees to chat with me and answer all my questions about her self-funded line of outrageously comfortable, shockingly supportive undergarments.

MINDD founder and CEO Helena Kaylin

#1: Are MINDD bras sustainable?

A lot of companies throw sustainability talk around like confetti at a wedding. But y’all. That confetti is not biodegradable—even the “biodegradable” kind sticks around entirely too long.

So I'm curious: just how sustainable is MINDD? 

“A lot of bra manufacturers are basically just putting lipstick on a pig,” Helena responds (and I almost spit-take my 8th coffee of the day.)

“I didn’t want to be one of those companies who thinks product first, sustainability later,” she says sincerely. “I wanted to build the bra of the future today.

For Helena, this meant finding out what wasn’t working for women, then completely reimagining the bra manufacturing process. I'm stunned to learn that the average bra is made from 50+ components, including toxic glues, earth-damaging foams, and tons of plastics. 

“MINDD garments are crafted with almost zero waste in the manufacturing process,” Helena explains. This is largely due to her patent-pending seamless technology (more on that in a moment.) 

She invests in environmentally-friendly yarns and dyes—details that make her bras and undies eco-friendly as well as body-friendly. “When it comes to bras and panties, we don’t often think about what we’re putting on our bodies; about how those toxic elements impact our wellness," Helena elaborates. "MINDD won’t kill the earth, won’t harm the water supply, and doesn’t put our bodies in contact with toxic materials.”

The cherry on top of this lingerie sundae? Each MINDD bra is crafted of only four components. It’s like the difference between a table carved from a single piece of wood versus a flat-packed table from a certain Swedish chain you may have heard of...

And by the end of 2021, 80% of MINDD’s bras and 100% of their underwear and bodysuits will ship in completely biodegradable packaging.

You’re welcome, fishies!

#2: Why are MINDD bras “so expensive”?

Here’s the tea: they aren’t.

Well, okay, they would be if they were flimsy bralettes. But MINDD bras are real bras with support, lift, adjustability, and comfort—and that’s a major achievement for a bra built for the D+ crowd! 

Keep reading to learn what makes MINDD bras worth every. single. penny.

A model holds a pair of MINDD panties stretched between her uplifted arms. A row of MINDD bras hang on a garment rack.

Top-notch production quality

“MINDD’s garments are crafted by the same Italian manufacturer that produces clothing for Chanel and Prada and Gucci and basically every high-end atelier in the world,” Helena explains.

This means your MINDD bra is made by adults earning a living wage, not shoeless children in a windowless factory. And that matters.

Accessible luxury 

When MINDD’s production, marketing, and distribution costs were calculated, Helena was advised that she had a $100 bra on her hands. But she wanted to democratize the pricing and make the MINDD bra accessible to more women. 

“Who says that profit margins have to be so big, anyway?" Helena posits.

"I think that, culturally, we've associated luxury with a price point, when luxury is truly about quality. And quality doesn’t have to be inaccessible. We can achieve the same objective without being super greedy on the backside.” 

Technology forward

When I think “technology,” I think about my iPhone, my noise-canceling headphones, and my dad’s robotic lawn-mower robot that he affectionately named after my mom. Turns out, MINDD bras wouldn’t exist without technology—wearable technology.

Helena happily reveals that technology is at the core of every MINDD garment. It’s in the foam-free construction that supports your boobs without reshaping them. Technology is responsible for the seamless shape that doesn’t itch or dig or irritate scars. And it’s the genius behind the seven-zone styling that lifts breasts from B-cup to I-cup. (But seriously, there's magic in there somewhere, right?)

#3: Are MINDD bras size-inclusive?

Let’s all go ahead and agree that it’s absurd that most clothing companies sell “clothes” or “plus-size clothes.” People are people, right? Right? 

So why are so many clothes made for magazine cut-outs of 1950s pin-up girls? Like, OOPS, sorry for being a 3D human with body parts that move and squish. 

Helena designs MINDD bras, panties, and bodysuits to fit band sizes from 28-45 inches, bust lines from 31-50 inches, and bottom sizes from 0-20!

#4: Why “MINDD”?

Finally, I have to ask: “Why did you name your bra company MINDD? And how do you pronounce it, anyway?”

The second part is simple, Helena explains. It’s pronounced just like “mind.” Check that one off the list.

Then Helena gets deep.

“When I left corporate life, I was focused on the idea that every minute matters,” Helena says. “Your life is precious—every minute, every moment. So the min part is a reference to time, to the minutes and moments that are flying by us."

She continues: “The DD part stands for double down. It was time for me to stop missing moments. I didn’t want to waste any more time on things that didn’t matter deeply to me. And I was determined to double down on that vision.

“Put the two together, and you get MINDD! After all,” Helena grins, “if your bra is on your mind, it probably isn’t working for you.”

Bonus? The DD is a darling wink to the brand’s D+ focus. Love, love, love.

A row of MINDD bras hang from a woman's outstretched arm

“Let boobs be boobs!”

What I love most of all is Helena's enthusiasm for every woman's organic beauty.

“Breasts have a natural motion,” says Helena. “When you walk, they jiggle. When you run, there's a figure-eight motion. And that’s normal! Let boobs be boobs!” 

MINDD bras give boobs the freedom to be their soft, sensual selves. 

If you want the ultra-pushed-up look, other brands are happy to compress our rib cages with glued foam and pinching wires. But if you’re ready to love your body, embrace it like a warm hug, and maybe burn an old underwire or two, MINDD may just be your new BFF.

“MINDD wearers talk about how differently it fits—very different from other bras,” Helena shares. “They tell me that they feel really, really great in this bra.”

I'm one of those MINDD wearers. And I couldn’t agree more.

Author and MINDD maven Anne Simone is a writer, tattoo collector, and dog mom living in Baltimore, Maryland.