7 Effortless Ways to Wear Your Favorite Bodysuit

The first bodysuit I ever tried on went straight up my bum—and it wasn’t even a thong. 

But enough of that horror story. Let’s all gather ‘round our Homegoods candle collections and give thanks for MINDD’s ultra-comfy, super-stretchy, sustainably-made bodysuit that does not go where it isn’t meant to go.

Now slide that beautiful bodysuit on your gorgeous bod like a cozy hug.

We’re gonna show you how to style the easiest-wearing garment you’ll ever own.

These 86% nylon and 14% elastane MINDD bodysuits deliver a matte sheen that’s easy to dress up or down. Simply choose your favorite wear-everywhere color, then start styling!

#1: Going out? Get glam in seconds.

Date night? Theater tickets? Your bestie’s engagement party?

Pair your MINDD bodysuit with a leg-baring maxi skirt or flirty mini skirt. Add strappy sandals and a few layered necklaces, and you’re ready for champagne!

MINDD bodysuits can be dressed up or down for any occasion

Flaunt a fairy tale mood with ribbon-tie stilettos, a puff skirt, and a faux fur wrap (save the fur-babies!)

 Ready to reveal your edgy side? Buckle on a wide belt, snatch your waist with a contemporary corset, or get brave with a body harness

 Your MINDD bodysuit is the perfect foundation for every elegant occasion.

The MINDD bodysuit in black shown on two real customers

When I unfurled my first MINDD bodysuit, I thought, “Whose American Girl doll is this for?” It was so small. Except… it wasn’t? The moment I pulled it on, it stretched easily over my hips, skimmed my waist, and lightly supported my boobs—all with zero strap slippage!

#2: Ready-to-wear rocker vibes (tattoos not required)

Excuse me, did someone say leggings are “out”? Because you can’t open the Pandora’s box of comfortable pants then tell us to abandon them. 

Trust me: pull on some faux leather leggings with your MINDD bodysuit, and you’ll feel like a rockstar ballerina. Or maybe a sexy ninja. Either way, I’m here for it.

Wear your black MINDD bodysuit with leggings and a silk scarf, or a pair of pleat-front trousers

Soften your look with a loosely-knotted silk scarf, or ditch the leggings in favor of front-pleat trousers or sleek black jeans

Pantylines are never a problem thanks to this bodysuit’s cheeky thong cut. It reveals just enough bootie without giving you that forever-wedgie feel. (And absolutely NO camel toe!)

MINDD bodysuits have a cheeky thong fit—no wedgies, no camel toe!

#3: “Blue jeans and a bodysuit, sittin’ in a tree…” 

You don’t need “activewear” to get out and get sh*t done. MINDD bodysuits are super breathable and totally moldable to your every movement, whether you’re picking peonies at the farmer’s market or chasing your kiddo around at the park.

A woman wears the MINDD bodysuit in black, paired with high waisted denim

So don your dungarees and start your Saturday in style. Unlike shapewear, your MINDD bodysuit will never constrict, pinch, or rub you raw. MINDD offers you subtle smoothing and gentle support—the perfect pairing for every denim-obsessed weekend warrior.


Every MINDD bodysuit is crafted to fit the full spectrum of women’s bodies. You’ll never need to tug or stretch your bodysuit to cover your curves! Not sure what size to order? Grab a soft tape measure and check out the MINDD size guide.

#4: So over your undergarments? Free the nipple!

You can go braless without totally sacrificing support. The MINDD bodysuit cradles your boobs close to your body so you can sleep, stretch, or take Fido for a stroll in comfort.

Three women are shown wearing MINDD bodysuits, the best bodysuit under $100

And if you do want the extra boost a bra brings, simply layer your color-matching MINDD bra under your bodysuit! 

#5: Lounge luxuriously

If you love to lounge like a Gatsby-esque it-girl, slide into your bodysuit, drape a satin robe over your shoulders, and drink daintily from a porcelain cup. It could be tea; could be whiskey. No one needs to know.

Wear your MINDD bodysuit to lounge around your house on a lazy Saturday. Throw on a satin robe if you get chilly!

If your lovely legs get chilly, cinch on your sweatpants like these ultra-cozy MINDD models. Add a pair of cross-trainers and you’re ready to hit the gym!

Four women wear their MINDD bodysuits with sweat pants for a cozy look

#6: Make a statement with the best bodysuit under $60

Buying a bodysuit shouldn’t break the bank. Save your big spending for statement pieces and collectible classics—clothing and accessories that you’ll wear forever (or until your sister raids your closet.) 

Elegantly simple, your MINDD bodysuit is the perfect foundation for fashion-forward jewelry, trend-setting hats, and richly textured layers. Or, if today’s look included a splatter of baby spit-up, don’t fret: your bodysuit easily rinses clean and quickly dries. You can even toss it in your washing machine! 

#7: MINDD bodysuits are a fierce foundation for any layer

Think of your bodysuit as a base layer—the most versatile foundation garment you’ll ever own, in fact!  

Layer a cute vest over your bodysuit, or wear it solo with a bold bandana around your neck. Or what about that gauzy blouse you never wear because it’s dangerously sheer? Over a MINDD bodysuit, see-through shirts can rejoin your regular rotation. From leather jackets to lacy cottagecore shawls, bodysuits empower you to say YES to the looks you love most.

Layer your MINDD bodysuit under a leather jacket and jeans

And of course every MINDD bodysuit ensures seamless, second-skin comfort beneath any work wardrobe, from wool suits, to chef’s whites, to medical scrubs. 

Road trippers and jet setters LOVE the ultra-packability of MINDD bodysuits. Simply roll it up and fit it neatly into a small makeup bag—perfect for travel or long work days when a quick change is all you need to feel refreshed.

MINDD bodysuits are so easy to pack! Lightweight and versatile, you can fit one in the pocket of most handbags!

How will you style your MINDD bodysuit?

Use hashtag #InMyMINDD on your bodysuit selfies for a chance to get featured!

Author and MINDD maven Anne Simone is a writer, tattoo collector, and dog mom living in Baltimore, Maryland.