20 Gratitude Practices + 20% Off EVERYTHING at MINDD!

I don’t care if you have the kindest kids, the loveliest in-laws, and the most partner-y partner on the planet. Holiday season is intense.

In the midst of this madness, it’s more important than ever to find five minutes a day (fifteen, if ya nasty) to be still. Breathe deep. Reach into your heart for a sense of purpose. And be MINDDful.

Here are 20 ways we’ll be practicing gratitude this season. Will you join us?

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#19: Take a family photo

You don’t need a professional photographer to get a fun photo of yourself + the folks you love. Grab your selfie-stick or smartphone tripod, set the timer, and make memories! No excuses about wanting to lose a few pounds. This is who you are TODAY, and that person is worth celebrating.

MINDD Founder Helena Kaylin and her family

Above: MINDD founder Helena Kaylin is pictured with her family in California—and let's not forget the fur-babies!

#18: Create handmade place cards for the dinner table

This is a fun project for kiddos, if you have them! Or let your own inner artist out. Here’s how:

  • Gather your supplies: unlined index cards and colorful pens or markers
  • Fold each index card in half
  • Write the person’s name on the outside of the card
  • Write a small gratitude about that person on the inside of the card

#17: Arrange a gratitude table

Invite your loved ones to choose a few small items that represent things they’re grateful for from the past year. Display these items on a surface in your home, add a candle or two, and embrace gratitude for your life’s good moments.

Hand painted place cards

#16: Set up a gratitude jar

This one is so easy, you might find yourself doing it all year! Create a gratitude jar out of any empty container. Whether you live alone or with family, write one note each day with a message of gratitude on it. Choose one day a week to read the messages out loud, then slip the read notes into a photo album, or set them free in a backyard bonfire.

#15: Choose your touchstone

Some people like crystals; others prefer a small stone or a piece of jewelry. The idea is to carry an item on your person that reminds you throughout the day to slow down, take a deep breath, and exhale gratitude.

Hands and arms intertwined

#14: Write a letter

Life is tough by default. Maybe not every day or even every week or month; but no one gets through life unscathed. One way to practice gratitude is to share hope with someone whose life is especially challenging right now. Take five minutes to write them a personalized note, and smail-mail it to them. Getting real mail is rare these days, and a handwritten note is always special.

#13: Watch Brené Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability”

This beautiful TedXHouston talk from 2010 will refresh your mindset so you can feel more connected and more fulfilled.  



#12: Build your own Gratitude playlist

Whether you’re in your car, at home, at your desk, or at the gym, you already know that music can help us achieve almost any mood. Create your own playlist of songs that inspire gratitude, or tap into this pre-made (totally danceable) playlist on Spotify!

#11: Find reasons to say “thank you”

Make a point of saying “thank you” to each person you encounter today. Thank your coworker for their help on a project; thank your kid for cleaning up their toys; thank your partner for handling something at home; thank you mail person before they drive off. When we practice saying thanks, it becomes a natural part of our communication pattern—and that begins to change our outlook on life as a whole.

Hand outstretched holding wild carrots

#10: Give gratitude away

Giving others reasons to be grateful is one of the most fulfilling ways we can experience gratitude. Find a local nonprofit who needs cans of food, gently-used clothing, or even just cash, and GIVE.

#9: Turn a challenge on its head

Write down ONE thing that has recently made you feel like a failure. (For me, it’s, “Do your laundry before you run out of undies.” So embarrassing.) Next, write down ONE way to combat that habit. (I merely added “DO LAUNDRY” to my calendar!) Keep it simple and realistic. When you finally conquer that mountain of frustration, you’ll experience major gratitude!

Wheel barrow full of dry autumn leaves

#8: Meditate on a difficult person in your life

We all know someone who challenges us. Maybe it’s a coworker; maybe it’s your own kid. Set aside five to ten minutes to meditate on this mantra:

All people are worthy of love, all people are worthy of love…

If your mind wanders, that’s okay. Bring it back to your mantra, and your frustration will soon diminish. 

#7: Listen to D’angelo Thompson’s podcast, “Gratitude is a Journey”

Each episode is only about three minutes long and recorded over soothing music. D’angelo Thompson shares heartwarming stories and straightforward prompts that are easy to implement into your daily life.

#6: Add gratitude to your homescreen

Head over to Canva or your favorite editing app, and create a new homescreen for your phone. Or snag and crop one of these:

Gratitude phone homescreen images

#5: Absorb gratitude from nature

Take a walk, ride your bike, or simply sit outside or by a window where you can see the beauty of Mother Nature. Nothing fills the soul quite like connecting with the incredible earth around us.

#4: Take your gratitude to social media

First, create a posting schedule: once a day, once a week, or whatever works for you. Then share something you’re grateful for on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or wherever your social media soul leads you. Not only will you feel better; you’ll inspire others, too!

Multiple hands helping to season food

#3: Open your home to others

You don’t have to have a dining table for 20 in order to welcome others into your home. You can simply reach out to a local shelter and offer to foster a dog or kitty; encourage your kid to bring a friend home—someone who maybe feels a bit lonely; or make that extra effort to invite someone over for a meal.

#2: Share gratitude with delivery workers

The holiday season is extra-stressful for delivery workers. Get in the habit of leaving a note of gratitude when you know a delivery is en route; or, if you’ve established a relationship with your delivery service, leave a small gift, like a votive candle, a mug stuffed with tea bags, or a little bag of candies.

#1: Embrace gratitude for your own irreplaceable self

I am worthy of love and fulfillment. I am worthy of love and fulfillment.

Mantras aren’t always meant to reinforce what you already know or feel. Instead, they remind you of truths you may be struggling with right now. Invest a few minutes each day into meditating on a self-love mantra like the one above. You can do this for one minute when you first get into your car, or while you shampoo your hair, or as you walk the dog.

Love yourself, and you’ll find it ever so much easier to love others.

Gratitude sign

We’re grateful for YOU.

To everyone who reads this article, peruses our website, buys our bras, or simply sends good energy toward the MINDD team this season: THANK YOU.

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Author and MINDD maven Anne Simone is a writer, tattoo collector, and dog mom living in Baltimore, Maryland.