In support of the families impacted by the events transpiring in the Ukraine, and as part of our overall “You Are LOVEDD™” good purpose initiative, MINDD Bra Company is introducing a “LOVE” limited-edition necklace, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting USA for UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency

Our latest efforts in support of UNHCR further exemplify MINDD’s core philanthropic mission, especially given the significant numbers of women and children seeking humanitarian support.

“We are devastated by what’s taking place in the Ukraine, especially as many of our colleagues and manufacturing partners are physically close to the destruction and danger ” stated Helena Kaylin, Founder of MINDD. “We have to think globally and take action at a local level to engage our community and encourage action. Through the sale of the “LOVE” necklace, we’re hoping our passionate MINDD community can work with us to help support the UNHCR”

We strongly encourage you to donate directly where possible! Donate Here

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