Here’s Why Your Bra Doesn’t Fit (and How to Find One that DOES!)

If there’s anything women everywhere can agree on, it’s that bra shopping is the worst. None of us seem to know what size to buy—and when we DO figure out our size, it all falls apart the moment we gain a few pounds, or have a baby, or enter menopause, or change our diet, or just breathe differently that day.

Why can’t finding a great bra be easier?!?

MINDD Bra fittings

“Most bras are constructed with about 44-52 components—especially those created for C Cups or larger,” says Helena Kaylin, the founder of MINDD. “That means the shape is determined by the bra, not your breasts. If your boobs change shape or size in any way, that bra won’t fit, and that's when women end up with poorly-fitting bras.

"With D+ women front-of-mind, MINDD eliminated those excess components and designed a four-component bra that encapsulates the breast, making it the most comfortable bra you'll have ever worn.”

So we did what everyone does when they want more info about an issue. We asked Instagram.

MINDD invited Instagrammers to share their own bra fitting frustrations, and the despair was… depressing.

“I hate bras. I’m a 38DD and NOTHING AT ALL feels comfy! Haven’t donned a bra since March 2020.” —Deena F.

“I used to cry every time I needed to buy a bra. Nothing would fit or look good.” —Telma R.

“Getting measured, the person bringing in like 20 bras, and NOTHING fits.” —Ashley L.

“In high school my boobs grew literally overnight to a size D, and my mom refused to believe me. She made me wear the B we’d just bought for another six months. 😭” —Jessica N.

(In the interest of fairness, we asked bras to comment as well, but none of them responded—not even the expensive ones.)

MINDD Bras: How to find your fit

Okay, but what if you could have a bra that fits through every stage of life?

Different bra styles serve different purposes, for sure. Most of us have at least one that’s strapless, maybe one super-duper push-up bra, then a handful of lock-and-load sports bras. 

But the MINDD team knows that every woman need an “every-wear” bra—a bra that: 

  • fits comfortably under t-shirts and dresses alike
  • flatters without compressing our boobs into immovable Barbie-boobies
  • washes easily for years of wear

Helena designed MINDD bras to move and flex with the body, ensuring an excellent fit no matter your size or, as this next story proves, your age.

Meet Jane. Her story isn’t funny because it’s funny. It’s funny because we’ve all been there.

Jane is a vibrant, 76-years-young grandmother who emailed MINDD with her own bra fitting story—and it’s a doozy.

“Bras have been the bane of my existence since adolescence,” wrote Jane. “My mother took me to a bra fitter in a tiny shop in a small California town in the late 1950s, and that old lady bent me over and tugged and pulled bras on me until she got one that she felt was a good fit. 

“During this embarrassing procedure, the woman announced to my mother (who was outside the tiny dressing room for all customers to hear) that my right breast was a whole size larger than my left, ‘so we have to fit the larger breast because we don’t want to stunt its growth, do we dearie?’ 

“Hell yes, we do, I replied in my head. But I was given a padded bra with Kleenex in the left cup to make it fit.”

Then, as if that weren’t bad enough, Jane had to navigate the pre-feminism scene at her school:

“In high school, boys would bump into girls with their elbows to ‘cop a feel,” Jane described. “I would be left, red-faced, with an obvious dent in my left breast until I could slink off and poke the padding back out.” 

First of all: Jane is a queen. Second, she had fallen victim to the bra industry’s greatest travesty.

According to the National Institutes of Health, 88% of women have some degree of breast asymmetry.

Take a moment to really absorb that number. 

Eighty-eight per cent of us have mismatched boobs, but we’re all skulking about like it’s some shameful secret.

It’s time to free yourselves, ladies of asymmetrical ta-ta-town! Your boobs are totally normal!

MINDD bra in black

Before we finish Jane’s story, though, let’s play a quick game.

Imagine, if you will, that you have magical, 100% symmetrical breasts that never change shape or size. You’ll still struggle to measure yourself and find your exact fit in a traditional underwire bra.

The problem? No two bra brands use the same size chart, and those charts can be way complicated. 

Measure this, calculate that, divide by X, multiply by Y... Then when at last we slip into that “perfectly sized” bra—surprise!—we either look like a can of exploding biscuit dough or a pair of empty handbags perched irreverently below our chins.


“Post-baby, I was trying on a racerback and got stuck in it at the bra store—so I had to buy it! 🤦‍♀️” —Cristin B.

MINDD Magic: Find Your Fit

Some good news: to measure yourself for a MINDD bra, all you need is a soft measuring tape. 

  1. Snugly measure around your body where your bra band sits. 
  • Example: 38 inches
  • Measure around the fullest part of your boobs.
    • Example: 46 inches

    Now use this simple size chart to find your MINDD size:

    MINDD size chart

    Use the sample measurements above—38” band and 46” cups—and you get a MINDD size 3. How easy was that?

    >>> See the complete MINDD size chart here. <<<

    “Glory, hallelujah, and praise the Lord for MINDD bras!”

    That’s what darling Jane wrote after revealing her traumatic bra-fitting story, continuing, “I’m sitting here comfortably in one—even though I'm not going anywhere!!” 

    The MINDD bra is made to be a bra that you won’t mind wearing—a bra you’ll wear when you’re sitting at home, like Jane, checking your email or enjoying a cocktail or planning your global takeover. Your MINDD bra is high-tech but low-maintenance, supportive but never stiff, beautiful but never binding.

    “Now that the girls no longer rest on my belly, my belly sticks out farther than the girls!” Jane finished her email with one final gem. “I guess I’ll have to exercise to change that! Who ever dreamed that a bra could not only make you look better, but make you get into better shape?!”

    If the dream bra can exist, what else is in store from MINDD?

    With bodysuits and undies already in the MINDD shop, founder Helena hasn’t revealed her next big plans. But I’m confident we won’t have to worry about keeping Kleenex on hand to stuff our bras.

    So what are you waiting for? Your new favorite bra is waiting for you!

    Author and MINDD maven Anne Simone is a writer, tattoo collector, and dog mom living in Baltimore, Maryland.