FREE Planner Pages! Get MINDDful for 2022

If expensive, pre-calendared planners don’t really cut it for you, we have the perfect solution: printable, FREE 2022 Planner Pages that you can start using right away!

Your Planner Pages download includes:

  • 1 daily Planner Page
  • 1 weekly Planner Page
  • 1 notes Planner Page

Save, print, and customize to your heart’s content!

We recommend sliding the pages into a beautiful binder or clipboard, then treating yourself to a lovely new pen (and maybe a hot latte!)


Sample view of MINDD's FREE Planner Pages for 2021 and 2022

Sample view of 2022 Planner Pages. CLICK HERE for the printable PDF!

Make your schedule “sticky” 

We all have busy lives—jobs, families, social obligations, hobbies, the upcoming Netflix binge. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of everything we need (and want) to do. 

Case in point: I added my booster vaccine appointment to my calendar last week along with four reminder alarms, but I STILL somehow forgot to attend. How does that even happen?

Research shows that, when we hand-write something, the information becomes “sticky” by optimizing our brain’s ability to encode and retrieve that information later.

Woman wearing a pink MINDD bra stands outside on a bright green lawn

Make paper planning a daily process

This doesn’t mean you should ditch your digital calendar altogether. Digital calendars are great when:

  • you’re on the go
  • you need to share event details with a friend or colleague
  • your calendar is merged with a family or business calendar

Keep your digital calendar, and enhance it by adding Planner Pages to your daily routine.

Here's how to use your FREE Planner Pages from MINDD:

#1: Prep your daily schedule each evening

As part of your nighttime routine, review the next day’s digital calendar, and hand-write key items on a daily Planner Page. 

This practice will:

  • free your brain from anxieties about the following day
  • firmly imprint the next day’s schedule in your mind
  • prioritize the calendar items you need to know (like a doctor’s appointment) while weeding out items that aren’t relevant (like the notification that it’s National Yarn Day)

#2: Prep your weekly schedule each weekend

At the start of each week (Sunday, for most of us), review your digital calendar for the upcoming week, and make note of any major time blocks you’ll need to honor as you plan each day. Hand-write these key items on a weekly Planner Page.

This is a great time to:

  • schedule time to buy and ship your nephew’s birthday card
  • submit that PTO request for your dentist visit
  • make note of any pending deadlines for work or your kid’s school assignment

Woman spinning outside in a flowing petticoat

Mindfulness is self-care!

When you take the time to thoughtfully plan your days, you give yourself permission to enjoy those days—even the super-busy ones.


Dive into the rest of 2021 with a whole new outlook on your busy schedule. You’ll be ready to kick-off 2022 with peace and preparedness!

Author and MINDD maven Anne Simone is a writer, tattoo collector, and dog mom living in Baltimore, Maryland.