3 Ways to Celebrate Your Sexy (+ the Best Bra to Lift and Separate!)

We all want the best bra to lift and separate—no thank you, uniboob! But we also want it without wires, padding, or glue. We want straps that don’t slip and comfort we can nap in. Sustainability is a must-have. And please, oh please, can it not cost $150?

MINDD delivers all that and more!

I say more because they also have bodysuits and panties that fit bodies from slim to voluptuous, and the entire line is woman-designed.

So step into your MINND bra (yep, it’s that easy to get into!), and rock these body-embracing moves before 2021 comes to an end.

Katharine McPhee Foster on the beach in a MINDD bra and suit

#1: Cleavage is classy

Gone are the days when cleavage was relegated to nightclubs and naughtiness. (Not that there’s anything wrong with either!)

Now you can free the girls to be their natural selves no matter where you are. Deep-v tops and scoop-neck dresses flatter our figures and give our chests room to breathe deeply, soak up that vitamin D, and show off our favorite necklaces.

With your ultra-comfortable MINDD bra, your cleavage always looks natural while enjoying sophisticated support that’s free from painful wires or compressing pads.

Raine wears a MINDD bra and undies set in red

#2: Comfort is sensual

Sensuality isn’t limited to attracting glances from potential lovers. The word literally indicates the senses: and for our purposes, there’s nothing more delightful to the senses than clothing that’s comfortable.

When you’re comfy, you move with ease. Clothes that support without pinching empower us to look and feel our very best throughout each day, which, in turn, gives us an added bit of oomph at work, at home, and out with friends.

If you think you have to pinch, pull, squeeze, and suffer for sensuality, you couldn’t be more wrong. Try one of our figure-skimming bodysuits and you’ll know what we mean!

Katharine McPhee Foster wears a black suit over a MINDD bra in onyx

#3: Affordable is attractive

There’s nothing wrong with splurging on a little luxury, but doesn’t it feel great to find gorgeous clothes that don’t break the bank? 

Stock up on MINDD undies at a ridiculously affordable price, then pair them with your favorite Mid-V or Deep-V MINDD bra. They wrap your waist in a cozy hug while conforming to your shape throughout the day.

And because you didn’t blow beaucoup bucks on panties, you should definitely say yes to that day spa you’ve been eyeing!

Raine wears a MINDD bra and undies set in red with a red letter jacket across her shoulders

Celebrate your unique brand of sexyness, today and every day!

Everybody is worthy of happiness, and every body is BEAUTIFUL! The folks at MINDD believe that wholeheartedly, which is why we’re always working to enhance our size-inclusive line.

Yes: sexy is about looking great. But it’s also about how you feel on the inside.

It’s about every element that makes you YOU, from the garments you wear to the way you treat those around you—and the way you treat yourself!

Raine wears a MINDD bra and undies set in red

So treat yourself to a beautiful MINDD bra this season, and celebrate your sexy every day: in lavish looks and loungewear, at home and on the town, with the people you love, and with your own sensational self.

We’ll be celebrating right along with you!

Author and MINDD maven Anne Simone is a writer, tattoo collector, and dog mom living in Baltimore, Maryland.